Scottish Labour Rural Economy Spokesperson Demands Better Representation for Crofters

6 July 2017

“I was pleased to hear the Cabinet Secretary launch the National Council of Rural Advisors, as it is clear that our rural communities face unprecedented and diverse difficulties during Brexit, likely not understood by those governing from the Central Belt", said Rhoda

“However, now that representatives have been unveiled, I understand that there is no Highland or Island or crofting representation on the Council at all.

“I am deeply worried that this means the concerns of those working on our most challenging land in the Highlands and Islands will be overlooked, once again.

"Too often have we seen support skewed away from the area that most need it, and this Council does not include the expert knowledge to change that.

“Fergus Ewing is all good with warm words about crofting and farming, but when it comes to hard actions to back it up, he has once again fallen short.

"I have written to Mr Ewing to respond these concerns.”