Steps taken on Ullapool bus connection issue

4 April 2017


Highlands and Islands Labour MSP, Rhoda Grant, has again contacted Citylink and Calmac regarding the ongoing issues suffered by passengers travelling between Stornoway and Ullapool who require access to the vital bus link onwards to Inverness.

Mrs Grant has already had an initial meeting with Peter Knight, Operations Director of Citylink, in February of this year and has a follow up meeting scheduled for later this month, with the hope that Calmac are also in attendance. 

This follows many reports of passengers being unable to get on the buses and becoming stranded in Inverness and Ullapool.

 The MSP said ,

“This is a serious issue that has left many passengers stranded in either Ullapool or Inverness or left people having to try and car share or pay expensive taxi fares on what is after all a lifeline ferry service.  

"My initial meeting with Citylink ensured they were made aware of the full situation and I have arranged a further meeting to involve Calmac in order that we find a permanent solution.

Mrs Grant added,

“I was made aware over the weekend of difficulties being experienced by those travelling for the Easter Holidays and immediately contacted Citylink again today. 

"I am pleased to be informed by them that they have put in emergency contingencies on some sailings over the coming week (listed below).

 “These are a start and a basis for our forthcoming meeting and I would like to thank Citylink for their immediate response.”

 Peter Knight of Citylink said ,

“We have put the following additional seats onto the system today (all additional 49 seaters) - 

04 April - 09:50         961         Ullapool – Inverness 

04 April - 15:00         961         Inverness – Ullapool 

05 April - 09:50         961         Ullapool – Inverness 

06 April - 15:00         961         Inverness – Ullapool 

07 April - 15:00         961         Inverness – Ullapool 

10 April - 15:00         961         Inverness - Ullapool 

Mr Knight continued ,


“I have personally had a look at the booking system and this keeps everything open and bookable for the next 10 days at the moment.  

"I would also point out that some departures will therefore have 3 vehicles on them as a result of our latest intervention.”