Comment from Rhoda Grant MSP on Which? Report on broadband speeds

27 June 2017

Commenting on the Which? Report on broadband speeds in local authority areas which shows the Highlands and Islands as having amongst the worst broadband speeds in the UK, Scottish Labour Connectivity spokesperson Rhoda Grant said:

“This is further proof of unacceptable delays and failure from the SNP.

“This report again highlights that remote and rural areas including Orkney, Shetland, the Western Isles and the Highlands in my region are still at the back of the queue for connections and that more than half of homes in some parts of rural Scotland are still struggling with very slow internet speeds.  

“It’s the rural areas that have most to gain from being able to access superfast broadband but yet again the Highlands and Islands appear to be an afterthought.

 "Rural areas need broadband to compete in the global market place and to safeguard against population decline.  Rural and island schools and colleges need it to deliver to remote students and our health boards need it to deliver telehealth services to remote patients.

“We need solutions to the unequal and unfair distribution of fast broadband across Scotland, which is seeing the Highlands and Islands being left behind, and we need these solutions sooner rather than later.”