Comment on SNP Rail Fares Policy

18 January 2017

Commenting after the Managing Director of ScotRail, Phil Verster, exposed the chaos at the heart of the SNP's rail fares policy, Scottish Labour Rural Economy and Connectivity spokeswoman Rhoda Grant said:

"It is increasingly clear that Humza Yousaf's announcement was calculated on the back of a fag packet, and even that might be too kind a description.

“The fact that ScotRail still don't know how they will pay for the SNP's plan is astonishing.

“This is yet another example of too much spin and not enough substance from Humza Yousaf.

"It would have been easier and more straightforward for Humza Yousaf to have frozen rail fares for all ScotRail passengers.

“Passengers are fed up with delayed, overcrowded and cancelled trains. However, Labour's fare freeze policy would benefit every Scotrail passenger - the SNP's policy won't.”