HIE: Investment and social development in the Highlands and Islands

Rhoda's Question on the role of Highlands and Islands Enterprise

12 January 2017

Rhoda Grant : To ask the Scottish Government whether Highlands and Islands Enterprise will continue to decide the strategic priorities for its investment and social development in the Highlands and Islands following the establishment of the single Scotland-wide board for enterprise and skills.

Keith Brown: HIE will retain its Chief Executive based at its headquarters in Inverness, staff will also continue to operate from the Headquarters in Inverness and HIE’s area-based locations across the area from Lerwick to Lochgilphead.

HIE senior management will continue to work in the same way as they do now but will benefit from the coordination provided by the new Scotland-wide Statutory Board.

Businesses and communities will continue to access services across the Highlands and Islands area.

As part of the work being taken forward in Phase two of the Enterprise and Skills Review we will consider the formation, format and remit of the new Scotland-wide Statutory Board.

This will include ensuring that HIE continues to deliver an excellent service identifying and prioritising investment within the Highlands and Islands.

We would expect that there will be strong Highlands and Islands representation on the new single board, and there is no commitment to a single geographic HQ for the Board.