Improving the milk market must lead to faired ‘farm gate’ price

13 July 2016

“While Scotland’s dairy industry has a long way to go before it gets to the end of this latest crisis,“ commented Scottish Labour MSP for the Highlands and Islands, Rhoda Grant, “there does appear to be a welcome upturn in the market.

“Dairy herds numbers are now remaining static and, hopefully, we are coming to the end of the depressing sight of farmers selling off their herds.

“Many of these farms have been passed on down the generations of the same family and it is always sad when this process is forced to a halt.

“After two years of decline, we are, at last, seeing an increase in shop milk prices,” continued Mrs Grant, who is, also, Scottish Labour’s rural economy spokesperson.

“It is vital for the dairy industry that a fair share of this increase is passed on to producers.

“It is generally accepted that it costs around 28p to produce a litre of milk.

“However, the majority of dairy farmers received less than 19p per litre from buyers and processors.
“It is not just fair, but essential, that prices paid to farmers increase as the market strengthens. “