Motion : Care Home Open Day

17 June 2016

Highlands and Islands Scottish Labour MSP, Rhoda Grant has tabled a motion in the Scottish Parliament urging her colleagues to support the Care Home Open Day on Friday 17th June.

“Care homes have been subject to negative publicity in recent years,” commented Mrs Grant.

“A good care home, and there are many of them around, should be an inspiring place where the residents have a real sense of ownership and contribute to creating a positive and happy atmosphere, countering the institutional feel that some of them have.

“Anyone can take part in the open day, there is no need to book in advance.

"You can find out which care homes in your area taking part by visiting the Care Homes Open Day website >>>

“On the open day care homes across the country are inviting in members of their local communities,” continued Mrs Grant. “Many of the care homes will be holding special events on the theme of ‘Celebration’ and a warm welcome is ensured for any visitors. I hope that many of us will take up this opportunity to experience, at first hand, the contribution that care professionals make in supporting older and vulnerable people to lead fulfilling lives.”

Rhoda's motion

That the Parliament notes that Care Home Open Day is being held across the UK on 17 June 2016; understands that all members of communities are invited into their local care home to experience first-hand the contribution that care professionals make to supporting older and vulnerable people and learn that good care homes can be inspiring places that promote a fulfilled and happy life; further notes that many care homes will be running special events on the open day, and encourages all members to take up the invitation to take part in Care Home Open Day.