Motion : Safer Scottish Trains Campaign

4 November 2016 

Rhoda has given her support to the following member's motion in the Scottish Parliament : 

Safer Scottish Trains Campaign 

That the Parliament supports the RMT campaign, Safer Scottish Trains, which aims to make Scotland’s passenger train services the safest in the world; applauds the objective to make every train safe, secure and fully accessible for all passengers, including older and disabled people; believes that passengers want a fully safety qualified, operationally-trained guard on every train to guarantee their safety and security, deal with emergencies and to provide advice, assurance and assistance, including on new rolling stock; expresses serious concern at reports that hundreds of trains in Scotland are run every week with only a driver; believes that all stations, including Coatbridge Sunnyside, should be welcoming, bright, secure and properly staffed in order to meet the needs of all passengers; considers that safe trains are reliant on safe tracks and that cuts to staffing or funding for rail infrastructure or operations undermine staff and passenger safety, and notes the calls for the Scottish Government to launch an urgent review of the safety and service quality on Scotland's trains, including on driver-only operated services on the network.