Motion : Supporting Gender Equality

26 October 2016

Rhoda has given her support to the following member's motion in the Scottish Parliament ;

Supporting Gender Equality

That the Parliament notes that women remain under-represented in politics and business; understands that 65% of MSPs are men, 75% of councillors are men, 73.9% of FTSE 100 board positions are held by men, 80.4% of FTSE 250 board positions are held by men, and that only 32 of 98 public organisations in Scotland have an equal number of men and women in their boardrooms; commends the Women 50:50 campaign for its dedication to fighting for equality; welcomes the commitment of the leaders of four of the five political parties represented in the Parliament, and the growing number of MSPs, councillors and individuals, who have pledged their support for the Women 50:50 campaign, which calls for legislative gender quotas; believes that legislative quotas are a necessity for the advancement of women’s representation; notes research collated by Women 50:50, which reports that equal representation in states and regions around the world where quotas are not legally binding has stalled or regressed in recent years, appearing to reach a saturation level around 35%; acknowledges that Scotland is included in this group; considers that the status quo in political chambers and boardrooms is not meritocratic; calls for business and political leaders to challenge the lazy myths that quotas promote inferior candidates, and supports every effort to remove the economic, social and cultural barriers that disadvantage women.