Rhoda's support for members' motions 9 March 2017

Rhoda has given her support to the following members’ motions

9 March 2017

Working to End Child Marriage as Part of International Women’s Day 

That the Parliament notes that 8 March 2017 is International Women’s Day; recognises that this is an opportunity to build momentum to achieve gender equality and to ensure quality education for all; considers that child marriage is a human rights violation that directly threatens a girl’s health and wellbeing, often resulting in early pregnancy before she is physically and mentally ready for it, social isolation, dropping out of school early and placing her at increased risk of domestic violence; understands that worldwide more than 700 million women and girls alive today were married before their 18th birthday; recognises the work of Tearfund Scotland in Malawi to empower communities to put an end to the harmful practice of child marriage and to provide opportunities for girls to return to education and pursue a brighter future, and supports the key target of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development to eliminate child and forced marriage.


Deposit Return for Drinks Containers 

That the Parliament notes what it sees as the substantially increased interest in the issue of deposit return for drinks containers and the renewed campaigns to reduce litter in Scotland's seas, towns and countryside, including in the West Scotland region; welcomes the decision by the Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform Committee to establish a subgroup to investigate this important issue; acknowledges the view that any such system would need to be well designed in order to best meet the needs of the public, SMEs and local authorities; notes the substantial and ongoing work on deposit return being conducted by the Scottish Government, and further notes the calls for it to make a prompt decision on this issue once the committee subgroup reports in summer 2017.