Rhoda's support for motion in opposition to CETA

27 June 2016

Rhoda has given her support to the following member’s motion in the Scottish Parliament :

Opposing CETA

That the Parliament notes with concern reports of the leaked notes from the EU Foreign Affairs/Trade Council meeting that suggest that the Prime Minister has been pushing for the “fastest possible implementation” of the free trade deal between the EU and Canada, the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA); understands that this means that it would come into force before the UK Parliament will have been able to scrutinise it and could mean that the UK could be sued by Canadian transnational companies in so-called corporate courts before MPs have ratified the deal; believes that more than 3.4 million people across Europe have signed a petition against CETA and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), and that there are particular concerns regarding the threat of corporations suing governments; is concerned that both CETA and TTIP could go well beyond the traditional goals of trade agreements and will seek to encompass a wide spectrum of public policies, including the harmonisation of regulatory standards and the opening of markets in the service sector and public procurement; is alarmed that CETA and TTIP could also undermine the ability of national and devolved parliaments to pass legislation in the interests of the public and the environment, and could leave the administrations open to legal challenge; notes the calls for the Prime Minister to oppose the provisional implementation of CETA at the EU council in June 2016, including, if necessary, by opposing the whole deal unless a ratification vote is guaranteed in the UK Parliament before any implementation takes place, and further notes the calls from the Scotland Against TTIP coalition and St Andrews TTIP Action Group for the UK Government not to ratify CETA or TTIP without the express agreement of each of the devolved legislatures of the UK.