Rhoda visits Ross-Shire Company NSL for Apprenticeship Week Prize-Hiving


16 March 2017

 Rhoda Grant visited NSL’s  Prize Giving during Scottish Apprenticeship Week – an annual campaign to showcase how apprenticeships work for businesses, individuals and the economy.

The campaign is a nationwide celebration aimed at encouraging more employers to take on apprentices.

 The theme for 2017 is “Apprenticeships are Changing”.

There is now a commitment for more Modern Apprentices and the introduction of Foundation and Graduate Level Apprenticeships.

Rhoda congratulated the company, which employs over 100 staff and is currently recruiting for a new contract, for taking on apprentices.

 “It is not only an investment in the local economy but an investment in people and in the country’s future,” she said.

 “We need more businesses such as NSL to train people to fill the skills gap supporting new or existing employees to develop. Employees learn on the job, working on projects with experienced colleagues.

 “Call centres provide a valuable resource for a variety of companies. 

 "Often inquiries are complex and well-trained and motivated staff can make an important difference as to how a company is perceived.”

 Kathleen Lohse, NSL’s Client Account Manager said: “It is important to NSL to harness the energy and ambition of those new to the company and the corporate world, by investing time and dedication to those who will be the leaders of our future.

 “We are committed to develop our business in the Highlands. 

 "The incorporation of apprentices from the local community will support the success of NSLs ongoing strategy and vision which is to be a leading UK service provider, delivering outstanding customer experiences, in the regulated environments of local government contracts.”


Prize-giving details

SVQ3 Management – Completed Qualification:

Scott McKillop – Quality Officer

Jennifer McKillop – Customer Service Advisor

Michael Dolan – LBWF Customer Service Advisor

Michael Mackay – Westminster Approvals Team Officer

Kieran Walker – Customer Service Advisor and My Contributions Representative


 IT & Telecomms: Qualification in Progress:

Paul Hannan – MI Officer

 Business Admin - Qualification in Progress:

Ashley Lohse – Customer Service Advisor

Zoe Rock – Customer Service Advisor


Organised by Skills Development Scotland, Scottish Apprenticeship Week highlights the commitment to businesses who have decided to invest in the skills of their workforce through apprenticeships.

It also showcases the successes of apprentices who have chosen to get a job, get paid and get qualified to develop their careers. SDS wants businesses, industry, colleges, councils, training providers and those with a shared interest in the success of the apprenticeships, such as MSPs, to back the week and encourage many more employers to take on apprentices.

There are already more than 37,000 young people working, learning and earning as Modern Apprentices.

A total of 91% of apprentices are still in employment six months after completing their Modern Apprenticeship and 96% of employers say former apprentices are better equipped to do their job.