Rhoda welcomes recruitment of Tenant Farming Commissioner

10 August 2016

Highlands and Islands Labour MSP and Rural Affairs and Connectivity spokesperson, Rhoda Grant, has today welcomed the start of the recruitment process for five land commissioners and one tenant farming commissioner, but warns that the right person and the right powers need to be guaranteed.

The Scottish Land Commission formation was an integral part to the Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2016 passed by the Scottish Parliament during the last session, and will review law and policy and make recommendations to the Scottish Government on issues relating to land use.

Speaking in response to the Government’s announcement that the recruitment process has begun, Mrs Grant said :

“I look forward to following the recruitment process closely, and working with the post holder once appointed.

“However, with the mistreatment that we have seen historically, it is absolutely vital that the commissioners are given the power and independence to protect against this in the future.”

She added : “It is fundamental that these six commissioners have the knowledge, experience and impartiality needed to deal with the complexity of the disputes we have seen in the distant as well as recent past in order to prevent repeats of the exploitation, and the harm and mistrust it caused.”