Water Main Upgrade Project-Tarbert to Hushinish, Isle of Harris

Tankered Water supply for tourists

28 April 2017

Labour MSP for the Highlands and Islands, Rhoda Grant, has expressed shock and disappointment following the recent announcement that Scottish Water now wish to review the previously confirmed upgrade works scheduled for the fragile water supply from Tarbert to Hushinish.

 The MSP said :

“I first raised this matter with Scottish Water last year when a constituent asked if it was possible for BT to run a fibre cable in the water main excavation to bring much needed broadband to that part of the Island.

“I had confirmation from the Chief of Scottish Water that not only was the work going ahead to bring the main water pipeline up to an acceptable standard but that a contractor was already engaged.

“At that point Scottish Water were happy to allow the fibre cable to be placed in the excavation.”

 Mrs Grant added :

“Not only have the Scottish Government owned Scottish Water done a U-Turn on the vital works that was to bring the existing consumers a more reliable service and one of a comparable quality with Tarbert, they have also closed an avenue that could have provided high decent broadband provision into the bargain”.

Mrs Grant concluded :

“It is shocking in itself that Scottish Water are proposing this massive U Turn which will threaten the prospect of new housing being built along the route but also for their Chief Executive to say to me they will satisfy the tourist demand in the area by sending in tankers of water in the summer. 

“It is simply an insult to the community”.