Rhoda Grant to ask FMQ on Thurday (November 8th)

Highlands and Islands Labour MSP Rhoda Grant has lodged a First Minister’s Question on Thursday (Nov 8) asking the Scottish Government what support it plans to give to Scottish mountain rescue teams in the light of their concern about lack of back-up from other agencies.
“I was totally shocked by claims that agencies, such as the search and rescue helicopter, were refusing to assist teams with the recovery of bodies of people killed on the mountains and also that there have been instances where volunteers have put themselves at risk managing a body down a narrow gully whilst an aircraft was instructed to standby.
“I am extremely conscious of the life-saving work these volunteers carry out, often in horrendous weather and at risk to their own lives.
“I am reminded of this every time I see people rescued from the hills or, sadly, when I see bodies recovered.
“People are right to say that our teams are the envy of the world – they answer when duty calls for everybody who is in danger or lost.
“I will be supporting their campaign to return to full back-up from other agencies. It’s what our brave volunteers deserve.”

Photo: David Crocker