Abortion Buffer Zones

Scottish Labour’s Women’s Health spokesperson Carol Mochan said:

“We are clear that women must have the right to access abortion and other healthcare free from harassment and intimidation.

“Buffer zones around clinics are key to delivering this, but as it stands women face a postcode lottery of protection.

“I welcome the fact the First Minister has agreed to host an emergency summit on this important issue and indeed given tacit acceptance for local authorities to introduce buffer zones. It is not enough, but it’s a start.

“That’s why I have wasted no time in contacting the Chief Executive of Scotland’s largest council, Glasgow, where many women go when they take the difficult decision to seek support, and demanded that they utilise byelaws to protect those attending the Sandyford, a clinic used by thousands for all manner of treatments, all of whom are subjected to this archaic practice.

“I trust that this isn’t simply a case of passing the buck and that my request, and the request of thousands of women who fear intimidation, will be taken seriously and acted upon.

“In modern Scotland a woman seeking the healthcare she is entitled to should not have to face a gauntlet of people seeking to shame her, it is simply bullying and Scottish Labour will not stand for it.”