Abortion Services

Thank you for getting in touch with me regards this very important issue, especially considering recent developments in the United States.

The decision by the Supreme Court of the United States to reverse Roe vs Wade will not reduce abortions, but rather for many it will remove access to safe abortions. It marks a hugely detrimental backwards step for women’s rights and healthcare in America but we know that we must stand ready to protect women’s right to choose in the UK and across Europe too.

Scottish Labour are committed to protecting the right of women to have access to a safe, legal abortion. We are aware that there are currently situations where there is limited capacity in Scotland for women to access a second trimester abortion care and we made clear in our women’s manifesto last year that women must be able to access the full range of reproductive services in Scotland.

Given recent experiences in Scotland, our priority in the Parliament is backing the accelerated establishment of buffer zones around clinics and we called for their implementation last year at the Scottish Parliament elections to protect the privacy of women. In modern Scotland a woman seeking the healthcare she is entitled to should not have to face a gauntlet of people seeking to shame and bully her.

Please be assured that we are committed to working with colleagues across the chamber to protect women and their right to healthcare.

Thanks again for getting in touch.