Compulsory Microchipping Cats

Thank you for writing to me on this issue.

Scottish Labour has long supported plans to make microchipping of pet cats compulsory in Scotland, and our UK colleagues were key in calling for the recent law change there.

We believe that microchipping cats is the best way to keep them safe and return lost pets to their beloved owners.  Cats roam and a microchip increases the chances of a lost or injured cat being safely reunited with their owner. Microchipping can also help reunite stolen cats with their owners.  It is shocking that 29% of owned cats in Scotland remain unmicrochipped, according to statistics.

I, and my Scottish Labour colleagues, have worked with Cats Protection for many years, including on their previous “Snip & Chip” campaign, which was on microchipping and neutering.  My colleague, Mercedes Villalba, has lodged a Parliamentary Question to ask the Government to consider introducing compulsory microchipping.

Once again, thank you for getting in touch on this important topic.