Diabetes Technology and Sarcoma Cancer

Thank you for getting in touch regards this important issue.

It is heartening to see the advances that have been made in designing diabetes technology that allows people to better manage their condition. The hybrid closed loop (‘artificial pancreas’) is a game-changer for people with diabetes who rely on multiple daily insulin injections.

It is welcome, therefore, that in March 2022, following a recommendation by the Scottish Health Technologies Group, the Scottish Government committed £14.6 million for Health Boards to roll out hybrid closed loop technologies across the country. Regrettably, however, Diabetes Scotland have shown that a mixed picture has emerged in terms of roll-out, with patients facing a postcode lottery. This is simply unacceptable.

I support Diabetes Scotland in its Diabetes Tech Can’t Wait campaign, which is rightly calling for equal access to the treatment, support and technology that’s appropriate to them and will help them live well with diabetes. Moreover, the Scottish Government must commit to continuing with funding to ensure everyone eligible has access to hybrid closed loop technologies.

Scottish Labour MSPs have lodged a number of parliamentary questions in recent weeks and months relating to diabetes healthcare and treatment, and we will continue to do so.

The days of people with diabetes having to manage their condition to the detriment of their daily routines should be no more. Please be assured that Scottish Labour will work with you to ensure that Scotland is not left behind in delivering diabetes treatment and support.

I hope this information is useful.