Nuclear Weapons

Dear constituent

Scottish Labour has human rights, international law and tackling climate change at the heart of our international values. While foreign policy is a reserved matter, International peace and security are seen as the primary objectives of Labour’s foreign policy across the party.

Although defence is a reserved matter, the Scottish Labour Party has a conference policy that opposes the replacement of Trident, with safeguards for the workers concerned.

I and the Scottish Labour Party are opposed to the UK Government’s decision to increase the nuclear stockpile and the number of Trident warheads last March.  We are proud of the UK’s role in the creation of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and our ambition is to phase out nuclear weapons, getting to global zero on a multilateral disarmament basis.  That should be the strategy of every government, which is why the recent decision by UK Ministers is concerning.

My colleague, Richard Leonard MSP, spoke passionately in the debate and commented on  article 6 of the non-proliferation treaty which is clear: it calls for the “cessation of the nuclear arms race”, but it also calls for complete “disarmament under strict and effective international control.”  Scottish Labour remains committed to global nuclear disarmament on a multilateral basis.

We must work together to fight for disarmament, and to build a just and peaceful world.

With Kind Regards