Scottish Government’s pay policy for 2022-23

Dear constituent

Thank you for your email regarding Scottish Government’s Pay Policy for 2022-23.

At a time when families across the country are facing a cost of living crisis I agree that the response from both Scotland’s Government’s has fallen far too short. With regards to the 2022-23 Public Sector Pay Policy, many of the workers to whom it applies have been critical for keeping services functioning throughout the pandemic. The measures in the policy fail to reflect their efforts throughout Covid-19 and the pressures they now face.

Scottish Labour is particularly concerned by the squeeze on household finances as a result of rising inflation and the increase to the energy price cap. Tory tax rises and SNP approved increases to water charges will only exacerbate the crisis further. Labour have set out alternative proposals that would save most households £200 of their energy bills and further targeted support to most likely to be hardest hit so they receive up to £600 off their energy costs. We also believe this should be paid for by cut to VAT on energy and a windfall tax on the soaring profits of oil and gas companies. It is only fair that energy companies benefitting from the crisis should help their customers who are struggling with rising costs.

Scottish Labour has put these proposals forward at both Westminster and in the Scottish Parliament but the Conservatives and SNP have failed to back them. It is unacceptable that both of Scotland’s Governments continue to look the other way while households struggle to make their pay checks go further. Please be assured that Labour will continue to push both Governments to use the powers available to them to provide security and support to families and households over the coming months as living costs mount up.

Kind regards