Highlands and Islands MSP tackles Transport Scotland Chief Executive about Tain junction

I have written to Transport Scotland’s Chief Executive asking what action it will be taking to allay the community’s safety concerns about two Tain junctions.

I was contacted by constituents who told her that ‘nearly every week’ an incident happens’ on A9 at Tain at the Asda and Lidl junctions.

It has been highlighted recent publicity about 11 accidents at the Tain Asda junction, recently labelled the worst A9 hotspot.

I have asked Transport chief Roy Brannen about progress with traffic studies at these junctions and when those findings will be published. And, what action is Transport Scotland taking to increase safety measures at these junctions.

From what I’ve been told the community are anxious to avoid a serious accident or a fatality at these junctions and the statistics certainly prove that they have got a very good point.

We will soon be coming into the winter months when driving conditions are more perilous, so it would be good to know what the transport agency proposes to make these junctions safer.