XL Bully Ban

Labour agree that there is a clear case to ban this breed. These dogs are clearly dangerous and causing real concern in communities. Too many people have been killed or injured in the recent attacks involving them and action must be taken to prevent such attacks.

Under the Dangerous Dogs Act, current owners would be able to apply for a Certificate of Exemption which will allow them to keep their pet under more closely controlled conditions, such as ensuring they are muzzled when in public and neutered. Nobody wants to see family pets taken away or animals euthanised unnecessarily.

At a UK level, Labour is committed to reviewing the Dangerous Dogs Act, including reviewing the list of dangerous breeds, to ensure that it remains fit for purpose and relevant to the breeds in Britain today.

Scottish Labour do not believe there is a compelling case for divergence between Scotland and the rest of the UK on this issue and share concerns that delaying an outright ban could lead to people in Scotland being put in danger and Scotland becoming a vector for the breeding and smuggling of dangerous dogs into the rest of the country.

I will continue to monitor this issue as it progresses,