NHS Pay Deal 2024-25

Our NHS would be nothing without the skill, service and sacrifice of our staff. They are the backbone of our NHS and they worked tirelessly to protect and care for us during the pandemic. It’s outrageous that Neil Gray has refused to sit down with trade unions and agree a pay deal for NHS workers.

For too long NHS staff have been taken for granted, with the SNP Government overlooking warnings of staff shortages and burnout. We will never be able to restore services and successfully tackle the backlogs without caring for those who care for us.

Scottish Labour are committed to ensuring that our NHS staff are valued by resolving pay disputes with a fair pay deal whilst improving working conditions and growing our workforce. This SNP Government has failed miserably when it comes to NHS workforce planning, and the current challenges facing the NHS demonstrates this only too clearly.

Scottish Labour calls on Neil Gray to sit down with trade unions and agree a new pay deal that values staff.