Hospitality Businesses that have fallen through the safety net.

I have had a large number of constituents get in touch about self-catering accommodation and Bed and Breakfast providers who appear to have fallen through the safety net provided. I have now written to both Cabinet Secretaries for Finance and for the Economy in the hope that this will be corrected.
It appears that self-catering businesses do not qualify for the hospitality assistance offered, whether they are camping pods, chalets or cottages. This also appears to be the case with Bed and Breakfast accommodation. Many people obtain their full income from these properties.
Add to that that it would appear that booking agents and customers are taking back deposits, adding to hardship.

I’ve also been told that some banks are not being helpful either and thus many constituents are now facing a total loss of income.

While self-employed people now have access to a package which will pay 80% of profits up to £2,500. It unfortunately does not go far enough for individuals who have recently become self-employed as they do not have a full year of accounts and thus do not qualify. Its also worrying that money due will not be paid until June at the earliest.

If you cannot wait until June for a payment or have recently become self-employed and do not qualify for this package, I would recommend applying for Universal Credit and the welfare fund. I will further assess this package as developments are made.

I appreciate many other people will be in this situation and will post any progress here so that it is available to all.