Update from Highland Council about progress on new system for Raigmore Interchange

Highlands and Islands MSP Rhoda Grant has now received this update from Highland Council on the progress with a new system at Raigmore Interchange. It has been passed to the constituents concerned:

“Since our last correspondence with David Stewart MSP in November 2019, the Council has been working with Transport Scotland and Sustrans to model and understand the various options at the Interchange to ensure a safe, cohesive route for pedestrians and cyclists to move around the full gyratory. This has involved lengthy traffic modelling using Transport Scotland’s consultant Jacobs, to ensure we understood the impact of full signalisation on the Raigmore Interchange, the time delay for pedestrians and cyclists wishing to cross the junction and for vehicles travelling around.

“You will be aware that the speed limit at the interchange was reduced at the end of 2020 and is now 30mph. In addition, there is an agreed option which is being taken from concept design through to developed design in partnership with Transport Scotland, The Highland Council, and Sustrans. Following Transport Scotland’s Investment Decision Making Board funding review in April 21, Highland Council has received confirmation that £1.14 Million funding is available for the active travel route, including the signalisation of the interchange. This funding will enable pedestrians and cyclists to access all linked active travel routes on their onward journey.

Transport Scotland have confirmed that BEAR Scotland will appoint a team from Jacobs to progress the detailed design of the active travel corridor through Raigmore.  They can complete the design, drawings, specification and contract tender documentation by the end of the calendar year. This team will work in partnership with Transport Scotland, Highland Council and Sustrans to ensure the Active Travel Link is delivered.

Lastly, it appears there may have been some confusion with the Raigmore Active Travel Link project, which links Millburn Road at the interchange up to the Golden bridge, as this new active travel link is due to be completed in September 2021, and will link into Inverness Campus providing a safe alternative route away from the trunk road network.

We intend to keep you and the public informed about the Raigmore Interchange project when it reaches the construction phase. It has already been agreed that we will provide you with an update by week commencing 19th July.”