SNP racks up £1.7bn roads repair backlog

Scottish Labour have accused the SNP of letting Scotland’s roads crumble as new figures reveal the repair backlog is approaching £2 billion.

Information obtained by FOI revealed that it would take almost £1.7 billion to get Scotland’s local roads up to scratch – and that is excluding six major council areas who didn’t provide the relevant information.

This comes as the SNP-Green government pass their budget inflicting a fresh round of cuts on local budgets, likely driving our roads into an even more dire state of disrepair.

Commenting, Scottish Labour Transport spokesperson Neil Bibby said:

“These astonishing figures lay bare the dire state of disrepair Scotland’s roads are in after years of neglect under the SNP.

“They have cut funding to the bone, leaving roads to crumble and taxpayers to pick up the bill.

“Our pothole-ridden roads are a daily reminder of how badly the SNP have let down communities all around us.

“Now the Greens and the SNP have teamed up to hit Councils with another year of brutal cuts things are only set to get worse.

“The SNP must stop burying their heads in the sand about this and show some leadership dealing with the mess they created.”

Highlands and Islands Labour MSP, Rhoda Grant, said:

“These figures are utterly astounding.

“The combined total for the Highlands and Islands is almost half a billion pounds (£417,611,000).

“Rural areas in general have been worst affected with Highland roads alone requiring almost £200million of repairs (£194,827,000).

“Communities have been crying out for help but their voices have gone unheard by the Scottish Government. They now need to stop blaming others and properly support local authorities to get these repairs done before someone gets hurt travelling on roads that are not fit for purpose.”


Local Authority Road Repair Backlog
Falkirk £42,337,000
West Lothian £31,067,000
Shetland Island £33,400,000
North Ayrshire £34,807,000
Midlothian £19,500,000
Scottish Borders £97,280,000
Inverclyde £15,300,000
Highland £194,827,000
West Dunbartonshire No Information
Dundee £22,286,000
Western Isles £36,000,000
East Ayrshire £55,262,000
South Lanarkshire Council £90,420,000
Aberdeenshire £99,228,000
Glasgow £96,000,000
Angus £55,454,000
North Lanarkshire £62,000,000
City of Edinburgh £77,346,000
Stirling No Information
East Lothian No Information
Dumfries & Galloway £217,320,000
Moray £40,706,000
Fife £77,600,000
Perth & Kinross £88,750,000
East Renfrewshire £25,302,000
Orkney £427,000
Renfrewshire No Information
East Dunbartonshire No Information
South Ayrshire £46,441,000
Argyle & Bute £112,251,000
Clackmannanshire £11,947,000
Aberdeen City No Information
Total £1,683,258,000

Source: FOI