Challenge Poverty Week – No Family Should Go Hungry in Today’s Scotland

Challenge Poverty Week runs this week, 3rd – 9th October and this year the cost of living crisis poses a greater threat to people living on low incomes.  In today’s Scotland, no one should live in the grip of poverty.  We can solve poverty in Scotland!

Rhoda Grant believes everyone in Scotland should have access to healthy food.

She said “Today we hear that teachers reported that more than half of their pupils were coming to school hungry, 24% of children are in poverty in Scotland and already we’re reading and hearing of foodbanks running out of food due to demand. Many people in Scotland believe in justice and compassion and I believe ending poverty must be a top priority for all levels of government.”

“Access to food is a basic human right and my proposed Private Member’s Bill seeks to enshrine the Right to Food in Scots Law.  We need to ensure that people have access to healthy and nutritious food so that they and their families do not go hungry nor rely on food banks.

Mrs Grant continued “It is more pertinent now than ever, during a cost of living crisis, when people are making a stark choice between heating and eating, that we can support them and ensure people do not go hungry. The Scottish Government can help food banks and food shares by ensuring they are properly funded to meet the needs of the people who are coming to their doors every week. Just last week, I again contacted the Scottish Government appealing for more funding for these organisations who are seeing unprecedented demand.”

“We must take the appropriate action now and hopefully one day, everyone can access food for themselves and their families without relying on food banks and charities.”