Proposed improvements at Tore Roundabout welcomed by MSP

Highlands and Islands Labour MSP, Rhoda Grant, is pleased to be advised that initial improvements at the Tore Roundabout will be introduced imminently in a bid to improve safety in the area.

The MSP was approached by concerned constituents following a number of accidents in the area last month. Mrs Grant was unsure if the spate of accidents in January were related to weather conditions, but nonetheless contacted Transport Scotland to see how the suggested improvements from the A9 North Kessock to Tore Study (published in 2021) were developing.

Mrs Grant has been advised that BEAR Scotland is currently progressing the design of three resurfacing schemes in the vicinity of the Tore Roundabout on the A9 and that the first scheme is likely to be completed prior to the end of the current financial year.

In addition, the MSP has been advised that ‘Traffic speed surveys were carried out in 2022 around Tore Roundabout to inform a review of the speed limit. Taking the findings of these into account, BEAR Scotland, has developed a proposal for a reduction in the speed limit from the national speed limit to 40mph at this location.’

Transport Scotland also advised Mrs Grant that ‘BEAR Scotland is continuing to develop the outline proposals for active travel improvements at Tore Roundabout, with a detailed design of the proposals programmed for 2023/24. These timescales reflect the need for traffic modelling to optimise the performance of the new layout for non-motorised users whilst minimising the impact on motorised traffic. This will include assessment of options for signals to control traffic movements, and allowing pedestrians to cross the carriageway at dedicated crossings as an improvement to road safety.’

Rhoda Grant said “It’s not clear if the accidents last month were weather related but nonetheless, it’s good to hear that BEAR Scotland is to carry out resurfacing schemes in the vicinity of the roundabout. I’m told the first of the three schemes is likely to be carried out before the end of this financial year.

Mrs Grant continued “It is deeply worrying that pedestrians have to take their life in their hands and cross 4 lanes of dual carriageway at present and while it still has to go out for consultation, I very much welcome the proposals in the pipeline to reduce the speed limit in the run up to the roundabout to 40mph, together with the proposed option to install dedicated crossings to allow pedestrians to cross the carriageway safely.

“Any measures that improve safety on our roads will always be welcome.”


The proposed 40mph speed limit covers the two trunk road approaches, the A9 north and south of Tore Roundabout and the A835. The Highland Council has agreed to promote a reduced speed limit on the two A832 minor road approaches to Tore Roundabout, which are the responsibility of The Highland Council.

The second resurfacing scheme is planned for construction in the 2023/24 financial year with the third planned by the end of the 2024/25 financial year, subject to budget allocations.