Delay in implementing speed limit signs

Transport Scotland has written to Highlands and Islands Labour MSP Rhoda Grant saying that there will now be a delay in putting up new speed limit signs on the A9 Tain bypass.

“While this is frustrating for all those campaigners who welcomed the new 50mph limit on this stretch, I can understand why Covid-19 has had an effect on ordering the signs,” said Mrs Grant.

“However, it’s good to know the groundwork is taking place to speed up the process when the signs arrive.

“I would just like to emphasise that before the new speed limit was brought in, there were consultations with the community council, the police and local authority.

“Transport Scotland has confirmed a further investigation into long-term options for the Lidl and Asda junctions are progressing and will also consider the community’s idea of roundabouts at this location.”


Transport Scotland said: “Further to our letter of 30 July, we have been advised by BEAR Scotland that their specialist supplier of traffic signs is currently managing a backlog of orders as a result of Covid-19 related factory closures and demand for signage for new active travel projects. As a result, the installation of speed limit signs on the A9 Tain Bypass has been delayed by approximately four to six weeks, based on timescales quoted by BEAR Scotland’s suppliers. To mitigate against these delays, BEAR Scotland commenced construction of sign foundations and posts on Friday 28 August, in advance of delivery of the signs, allowing installation to be expedited once these are received.

We have reinforced the importance of these works at Tain to both BEAR Scotland and their sign suppliers and have been assured that the new speed limit signage will be in place as soon as possible.”