MSP seeks update on A9 safety review

Highlands and Islands Labour MSP, Rhoda Grant, has asked Transport Scotland for an update on the safety study being undertaken on the A9 between North Kessock and Tore.

The MSP has been raising safety concerns with the Scottish Government since she was contacted by worried constituents who travel the area regularly and last year pressed for the electronic warning signage at the notorious Munlochy junction to be repaired. The signage was repaired in the summer of last year but Mrs Grant has been advised that the signage is now lying idle again.

Rhoda Grant said “Transport Scotland were reviewing the feedback and evidence from the consultation undertaken in the area between North Kessock and Tore and a Case for Change report was due to be submitted to the agency by 30 November.

“Previous feedback provided by local constituents resulted in the electronic warning signage at the Munlochy junction being brought back into operation last summer and I have contacted Transport Scotland again today to ask why the signage is no longer in use.

“With traffic levels rising again, and the stretch between Tore and North Kessock being the main route into Inverness from the west and the north highlands, it is imperative that we make this stretch of road as safe as it can possibly be and I have therefore asked for an update on the electronic signage at the Munlochy junction and an update on the safety study on the route in general.” concluded Mrs Grant.