Issue which led to Argyll and Bute patients being given appointments that are too early has been addressed.

Regional Highlands and Islands MSP Rhoda Grant is encouraged that a system failure within NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde that led to Argyll and Bute patients being given appointments that are too early has been addressed and is calling for the 10:30am policy to become “common knowledge”.

Numerous constituents from the area contacted Mrs Grant to raise issues relating to the inconvenient appointment times that they were given by NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde. It was thought that these appointment times were given with no consideration for travel – either by car or by public transport.

Mrs Grant raised this with the Chief Executive of NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, Jane Grant, and she was told that in 2017 a system was put in place to ensure that patients from Argyll and Bute were not receiving any appointments before 10:30am. It was thought that this was running effectively however, there were changes made to the booking system in reaction to the Covid-19 pandemic and that this change has caused the system to falter.

She concludes her letter by stressing that this 10:30am rule has been reinforced to the Medical Records Team and that they are willing to accommodate patient requests where possible.

Rhoda Grant said: “I’m grateful to NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde for admitting the fault and moving quickly to resolve the issue. It’s nearly impossible for people in Argyll and Bute to travel and be on time for a 9am appointment however, it must be said that 10:30am is still quite ambitious and I will continue to raise this with them.”

Mrs Grant continued: “I want this information to become common knowledge to my constituents within the area so if they receive an appointment before 10:30am, that they know that this can be quickly rectified.”