MSP offers further talks with Council over childcare issue

Highlands and Islands Labour MSP, Rhoda Grant, has offered to hold further talks with Orkney Islands Council over childcare provision in the area.

The MSP has spoken to the Chief Executive of Orkney Islands Council previously in a bid to ensure sufficient childcare is available when the Peedie Breeks nursery closes.

Rhoda Grant said “Constituents have been in touch with me for some time now, concerned about what childcare provision there will be when Peedie Breeks closes. The outbreak of Covid-19 however has thrown further spanners in the works for Orkney Islands Council and I spoke to the Chief Executive, John Mundell, about this last month.

“I contacted the Scottish Government again after my discussion with the Council. What has emerged today in their response is nothing short of a mish-mash, with some information provided now, and more to follow in coming weeks.”

The MSP continued “This will no doubt add further uncertainty to the situation in Orkney, especially with Peedie Breeks now closing a month earlier than previously thought.

“Parents in Orkney are becoming increasingly concerned about cover for 0-3 year olds and after school care and I have advised Mr Mundell that I would be happy to have a further discussion with him to see how we can sort this out.